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Be different this holiday in your Skympeez Trunk Swimwear!

Beach holidays are always special for guys. This is the only time when you get an opportunity to flaunt your body. Naturally, you want to look perfect. But how would you feel when your drab and misfit swimwear labels you a loser? You wander on the sandy beach with the hope of being admired by all but the moment you turn your back, you’re treated as a clown. It is obvious that you don’t want to spoil your holiday just because you could not find suitable swimwear. Skympeez Euroz collection introduces new square cut trunk swimwear for men that will make you feel different! This particular item introduced in their 2011 collection, and has already become a hot favorite among men.

Mark Barrera and Vil Sihamanotham, two buddies from Toronto, started this line back in the year 2008. One a businessman by profession and another a designer actually started this line when they found that there was a real dearth of proper swimwear for men. This was especially true when it came to choosing trunk swimwear. The brands available in the market were either offer too tight which simply caused discomfort or they were unnecessarily loose. It is indeed difficult to get trunk swimwear that offers a proper cut and fit. If you get hold of any swimwear which fits perfectly, the colour and the design/pattern make you feel sick. The two friends had themselves faced this problem while searching for proper swimwear. Therefore, when they started their own line, style and design were the most important factors. Skympeez specializes in different kinds of swimsuits.

Skympeez Dinoz Euroz Square Cut Trunk Swimwear is one piece of clothing that looks after your style, comfort and image. This trunk swimwear is made of polyester (84%) and spandex (16%). The liner is made up of 100% polyester. These materials help in maintaining the elasticity and durability of the product. Moreover, this particular swimwear clings to the body. So, now embark on doing rough water sports with your Skympeez Dinoz Euroz Square Cut Trunk Swimwear and rest easy! The shades are mixed and matched together on a white background which is enough to uplift your macho image. The product is available in three different sizes – small, medium and large, suitable for all.

Trunk swimwear became very popular among men because on one hand it helps the wearer in retaining the shape of their body and on the other hand enables flexibility of the legs. Thus, whether you are sunbathing, skiing or simply swimming, Skympeez Dinoz Euroz

Swimwear should be your first choice!

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