Contrast is all about being distinctive. Extraordinary. Individual. It’s about distinguishing yourself from the masses and expressing your uniqueness, which is precisely what the Contrast Clothing line at helps you to do.

Solely Australian

This streetwear line is fresh and unrivaled. It was born of a desire to create something new, something truly unique and something entirely Australian. The garments are all brilliantly crafted by the best Aussie designers who know what men need and want. Whether you’re a teenage boy who wants to look street savvy or an average guy who wants a laidback look, Contrast Clothing has something for you.

About the Garments

Contrast Clothing always uses material that is sweat-shop free, i.e. material that has been verified and accredited by the Fair Labour Association. Garments are also produced without any harmful chemicals and are pre-shrunk to reduce shrinkage and distortion. In addition, Contrast Clothing T-shirts and hoodies are traditionally hand-printed to ensure strict quality standards, and the ink used is water based and sourced in Perth.

Contrast Clothing has always strived to create designs that are fresh and that sum up to the kind of style that men want in their streetwear. Their garments feature: 

  • more than 350 grams of combed cotton
  • a tailor cut fit that envelopes the body snugly and emphasizes a man’s contours
  • the Contrast Clothing logo creatively stitched on the back or on the sleeves
  • silk screen printing that guarantees durability for up to a hundred washes
  • Double stitching

Contrast Clothing knows full well how important individuality and character are to men as expressed in the kind of clothes they wear. Get your Contrast Clothing streetwear at today and show the world what a unique and extraordinary man you truly are!

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