Arroyman is one of those brands that have been in the men’s underwear business for some time, and has build up a considerable name for itself in that department. The company was founded and based in Chile, and has all the hotness that is characteristic of underwear made in the South American sub-continent. Their line of sexy men’s underwear is designed and developed by the very own team of the company and the emphasis of the company is not only on a variety of stylish designed products, but on exotic and comfortable fabrics as well. Their styles are meant for the body conscious people who place as much thought into their underwear as what they wear outside.

Arroyman manufactures a wide range of men’s underwear like thong underwear and swimwear, tank top t shirts, sweaters and cardigans, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts, short sleeved t shirts, pants, pouch underwear, msu8cle top t shirts, loungewear, long sleeved t shirts, jockstrap underwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, bodysuits, bikini underwear and swimwear, etc.

The Arroyman range of swimwear is of the highest quality and the cuts are meant to flatter the male physique in the best possible way. The best is taste and style is highlighted in the swimwear range by Arroyman. The brand uses lycra which make the swimwear extremely expandable as well as durable. The seams have been reinforced and there is inner lining which avoids the swimwear becoming transparent. The fabric is of the highest quality and is chlorine and UV resistant which helps ensure that the swimwear last longer and remain the same even after several uses.

For bikini underwear by Arroyman there are more than 25 varieties to choose from with many different colours, prints and textures. The underwear has a full back and the pouch which is front contouring holds and shapes everything nicely. The elastic waistband is soft and the logo of the brand on it.

Thong underwear by Arroyman has more than 27 varieties to boast of with various types of styles, prints, materials and colours used. Two basic materials are used- tactel and a mix of lycra and nylon, which is extremely stretchy and soft. The pouch is especially designed and engineered so that the genitals are cupped gently as well as firmly so that package looks fuller.

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